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For a long time now, people have been grieving (or, rather, complaining) over an untimely death of Craigslist as an escort listing service. Before they took down the adult section on that website, it was the biggest, most extensive escort service in the world.

Many of the modern surviving escort services are deeply inspired by Craigslist in many ways than one. It’s not just the concept that’s the same – the contemporary services are also similar structurally and even sometimes stylistically.

Hookup Tips
Useful Craiglist Tips

So, Craigslist is a legend of sorts, but you don’t get to use anything even remotely extensive as this service anymore, much less the brand itself. There are several continuations, such as Craigs Escort, but their usefulness isn’t precisely clear. Let’s see what you can get out of this website at the moment.

What is Craigescort

Craigs Escort seems to be either made by people who were/are part of Craigslist or those who lament its partial death. Anyhow, the people running this website are making gains from the name.

CraigEscort Dating Site
CraigEscort Dating

It’s not particularly known exactly how closely this website is associated with the big listing agency we all know, but it can still yield you some benefits, even if it’s not part of Craigslist at all.


Craigslist has always been a listing website. It means that you get to post the ads that promote your product or the service you’re extending and show it to the people in your area. That’s how Craigslist generally still works, and that’s how numerous escort services and simply other listing websites operate, too.

However, Craigsescort is not really in this realm. It is a blog.

Craigescort And Craiglist Difference
Difference Between Craigescort And Craiglist

The main topic is obviously the escorts and facts of life that surround these services. But you don’t come here to find someone, there’s no such feature. You can’t post ads or look for them. It’s purely for educational purposes. 

Admittedly, it’s still in the growing phase, and there aren’t too many worthwhile blog-posts at the moment. However, the owners clearly aim to expand their contacts, userbase and ranking. That’s why you can expect more content from them in the near future. But what sort of content do they offer, exactly?

In short, what use can is this ‘Craiglist Escort’?


Craigs Escort is a good info outlet if you aim to use the escort services but also want to be sure you won’t be a target of scamming, malware or other nasty stuff often associated with the shady websites.

Craigescort Hookup Site Benefits
Benefits Of Craigescort

Well, not all escort services are malicious or shady. There are many clean brands that care for their users’ well-being, whether they are a client or a provider. But then, you don’t what which of them are decent or not. Incidentally, that’s one of the first uses Craigsescort as a website can offer you.

Decent escort services

Craigs Escort regularly posts about decent escort portals. There are blog-posts that provide details about:

  1. Decent listing services
  2. Decent dating and hookup apps

Listing services are the services that were inspired structure-wise by Craigslist. Craigslist features many sections that include stuff for sale, as well as services. It’s basically a massive catalogue of ads. Escort services take this structure and just apply it to the escort and similar businesses.

Two Women Resting On Craigescort
Cute Friends

There are many of these services, including: Bedpage, Listcrawler, MegaPersonals, and more. In fact, there are countless examples, and not all of them are strictly useful or decent.

It’s good to see a fresh perspective from someone who isn’t paid to praise these websites. Such expertise can be found on this Craigslist Escort blog, although in a very concise way. In addition, some of these materials aren’t even made directly by the owners.

For instance, there are several videos that mention effective and decent hookup/escort apps. They are just put there because the owners of the blog thought them informative and truthful. Whether or not these videos are associated in any way with the Craigsescort staff is unclear.


In addition to several examples of good or simply tolerable escort services, you also get free advice about several important things. Here are just a few categories:

  1. Advice about behavior around escort providers
  2. Advice about approaching this industry as a whole
  3. Advice on using escort services

It’s very beneficial precisely because you don’t really know anything about it before starting to use escort services. It’s this or just learning on your mistakes. 

Hookup Craigescort dating site
Craigescort Advice Service

Of course, there are numerous videos on YouTube that get the same point across, but for people who prefer to read rather than watch and listen to something, Craigsescort provides a decent opportunity

Informative posts

In addition to the articles that give you specific information and advice about some aspects of this business, there are also many posts that provide more extensive information about wider topics.

Basically, you’ll be able to learn a thing or two about the escort business: how it works, what the key words are, and so forth. If you’re seriously considering using these services in full, this sort of information will be very useful. 

What Women Can Give
Many Information From Women

You can certainly learn on mistakes, but it’s so much better if you don’t have to embarrass yourself by not knowing the difference between the escort and parlor. That’s one of the smaller things, but you get the idea.

Quality of posts

Generally, Craisescort posts have a rather good quality, all things considered.

It’s not really academic material – you won’t find links, specific info and numbers to back up the text. Most of these posts are just individual opinions written by people who understand something about this business. In general, it’s meant for new arrivals.

Craigescort Qualitive Posts
Qualitive Posts

But still, this expertise is valuable. If there’s something completely off-target, you’ll immediately see it – because escort isn’t really a topic that can be easily misleading. So, don’t worry about getting confused by the false advice. Most of the stuff written here is pretty legitimate, even if personal.

The posts are written lightly and spiced up with pictures, so you’d have an easier time imagining what the subject be line in practice. It’s also beneficial if you aren’t a native English-speaker – the posts usually use a clear and simple dictionary, which pairs well with the pictures if you are still confused.

How to use Craigsescort

For the majority of target audience, Craigsescort doesn’t seem to be meant for active using.

Good Service From Craigescort
Craigescort Best Service

This is a blog. Blogs usually get visits from people who search for stuff and receive one of the blog-posts as an answer. That’s why many similar articles even beyond this website are headlined with a question – just like this very text. Most new arrivals would just passively 

But if you were to use it actively, you’ll also find it beneficial.

Using Craigescort actively

This website is still growing and in-development, so they are naturally going to add new content in a gradual pace. Right now, you have a few articles that can be read within an hour.

To start reading, you need to scroll down to the footer and pick one of the articles by clicking on the ones represented there. The represented articles are usually the most recent additions, so you can just start from the top, read the entire thing, and then proceed to the next article by clicking on an arrow in the bottom.

Enjoying Free Craigescort Membership
Cute Woman Enjoying

That is, if you want to just read the whole material in one go. It may very well be that by the time you visit the website, it’ll be much bigger and fuller. Unless they added a menu that could just give you a list of articles currently finished and posted, you’ll have to do this:

  1. Scroll down towards the footer (the bottom menu);
  2. Find a search bar on the left;
  3. Click on the ‘search’ button right next to it

This will, funnily enough, produce the same result – you’ll be given a full array of articles currently published on this website. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to find the article that interests you the most at the time.

In addition, if you simply type some key-word inside the search bar, you’ll be given an array of articles that have something similar either in a headline or somewhere across their contents.

That’s basically everything of substance that you can do with the website – just read the blog-posts. Frankly, you shouldn’t expect something else. There are many blog websites just like this one across this web, this simply happened to be well-written and decently organized.


Admittedly, the only really functional part of this website is the blog-posts. It’s not surprising, considering the entire thing is built on WordPress.

Hookup Dating Structure
Dating Structure

WordPress is a tried and tested solution that allows you to build websites from scratch. And well, blog-posts are one of the primary fields where the functionality of this website-builder excels the most. Building your own blog with WP is very much effortless. It’s just a shame the owners never found time to improve all the other aspects.


Except the blog itself, there is also a front page that’s supposed to tie everything together. What it does is link you to the worthwhile articles, and that’s about it. In fact, this main feature isn’t even accessible as you would think it should be.

Craigescort hookup service
Thinking About Craigescort Design

Normally, you would expect one of these blogs to feature most articles on a front page right when you open it – preferably in some big imagery so you’d have an easier time understanding what the website is even about right away.

It’s still growing, so it’ll probably have something along these lines later on. Keep your ears to the ground – that is, if you are interested in seeing their content later.


In terms of style, the website is actually pleasant, even if rather basic. The main color is beige, which is a good decorative choice, because it’s less mundane and more attractive than the usual white, in addition to being a soothing soft color that won’t destroy your eyes immediately seeing how you’ll also have to read a lot of text here.

In fact, the designers seem to have a idea of what they want to build, and it’s likely a decent concept from what you can see at the moment.

Sexy escort stylish woman
Stylish Escort Woman

In addition to painting the background in soft color scheme, they also left some places vacant specifically to occupy it with crucial elements later on. The pages that don’t need more additions are well-constructed. For instance, the article layout is convenient and well-balanced, in regards to the positioning of text and imagery.

Given some time, the website may grow into something well-design and constructed. Right now, it still requires more work.

Advantages and disadvantages 

After carefully examining the website from all sides, one can determine several upsides and downsides, in relation to the other blogs and escort services. 

Sexy Escort Dating
Advantages Of Escort Women


  • The blog is being written by the competent people who know what they are talking about;
  • The blog is informative and full of information bound to improve your experience with the escort services;
  • The blog is able to point you in a right direction if you want to find escort websites worth of note. In this capacity, it’s a good gate into this world;
  • It’s free, accessible and doesn’t demand authorization for you to go through the content;
  • The design and style are promising, even if they don’t have a lot of substantial to offer at the moment


  • The website is far from finished at the moment;
  • Some types of content (i.e. the videos featured in some of these texts) don’t belong to the brand

In addition, Craigsescort uses the name ‘borrowed’ from the popular listing service that formerly provide escort and other adult services. It’s not clear whether they are associated with one another even in some capacity, but Craigslist hasn’t been active in this industry for a long time, and it’s pretty much their decision.

So, it’s likely that it’s such aggressive and deceitful branding, although no one can tell for sure. It is a good enough blog, for now. There aren’t a lot of the similar websites that can boast good quality.

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